Windy City Blues

22nd Session

Everyone woke up alive and well in the city of Chicago. Daemon received a phone call from a friend of Geraldine’s requesting the crew to show up at the Royal Garden, the largest dance club in Chicago. Darian picked up Molly and a very reluctant Gabriel while Daemon and Ariel arrived with no Dashing Douglas Dresden in sight. Geraldine greeted everyone and told them she had invited them to a special performance since she had just finished her new record. She handed copies of the record to Daemon and Ariel. She introduced the group to her band, which Daemon recognized as the Creole Jazz Band. Everyone settled down in seats to watch the performance with Gabriel in the back of the ballroom. During the performance an old Indian man in blue jeans came in and sat next to him.

The man was Listens to Wind, a member of the senior council of wizards, who had arrived to speak with Daemon, Gabriel, and Dresden. He tells Gabriel that his apprentice is from the family that takes care of the layline underneath Wrigley so he cannot stop him from his family’s duties. Geraldine and the band finished their performance to rave reviews by everyone there. The group dispersed, with the wizards going to the Walgreens to talk while Ariel went home and Darian drove Molly back to Gabriel’s house. Listens to Wind spoke with Gabriel and Daemon about the White Council not getting involved in the vampire war, staying out of the way of the feuding Fae sisters, keeping an eye on the Dragon’s servant, and wanting the Tablets that were being collected. Dashing Douglas, after getting home from a late night, listened to his messages and met the wizards at the Walgreens. He was inducted into the White Council and given his staff and cloak, making him official. Meanwhile, Darian dropped Molly off back at Gabriel’s house. She walked in to find William, the apprentice, sitting on the floor in a trance with the phoenix egg in his lap. Not knowing what to do, she dumped a bucket of water on him but to no avail. She took the egg from him and put it back into the bucket. She tried to snap him out of the trance but couldn’t, so she moved him to his bed and tucked him in. She called upon her Lady, explaining what she had found. The Lady told her that Molly should send her the egg and that would block the boy from it, helping to break him out of the trance. Molly filled the bathtub and transported herself and the egg to the Lady of the Lake. Gabriel got a bad feeling after the meeting ended at Walgreens and went home to find the egg gone, the apprentice still soaking wet and in a trance in his bed, and Molly nowhere to be found. Gabriel opened the Sight to find out what was wrong with his apprentice. In the Sight, the apprentice was enthralled by the phoenix so Gabriel decided to shut down the boy’s mind so that it can heal itself and got out of the Sight himself. He found the full bathtub with no Molly and decided to call everyone to let them know the situation. Not trusting that Gabriel was fully under control of his emotions, Ariel decided to go to his house. She called Daemon to see if he wanted a ride but he said he would meet her there. Ariel, Dresden, and Darian rushed to the house to see what was going on. Daemon headed to the Fountain and asked to speak to the Lady of the Lake. He asked her if Molly had brought her the egg and she answered yes. She also mentioned that because it was a family heirloom that she would be willing to make a deal in order for Gabriel to get it back. Daemon took a taxi to Gabriel’s house and found everyone outside. Daemon told Gabriel about his conversation with the Lady of the Lake when Mack the Knife pulled up. Mack asked why the wizards were giving such powerful items to the Lady of the Lake and Gabriel told him what had happened. He laughs at the situation then leaves. After forcing Gabriel to promise that he would not kill Molly on sight but that if anyone heard or saw her that he would be informed the rest of the group decided to leave. Suspicious of Ariel’s intentions, Gabriel used the Sight on her to determine her weakness. He found out what it was, but it hurt!



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