Windy City Blues

17th Session

“It was the day after and back to business as usual. Daemon checked out the club to see how bad the damage was and hired a crew to clean it up. Molly Davies called Ariel to speak about getting the watch back to Lady Duff Gordon and Ariel invites her to the fashion show. Ariel scheduled her personal shopper Emma Watson to pick out an outfit for Molly that would be suitable for such an occasion. Molly then called up Darien Rockefeller Prentice to meet up with him later. She offered him a favor in exchange for a larger bathtub and he agreed; the favor will be determined later. Gabriel got a phone call to check out the bodies at a suspected brothel to see if they had been killed by magic. The bodies had long burn marks across them like a knife blade of fire had cut them and when he tried to determine what kind of magic had been used he heard angelic singing. He decided that the Lord doesn’t just kill good people at random and decided it wasn’t his problem. Dashing Douglas Dresden met with Samuel to discuss how to end the Sun and Moon Court war without killing either of the knights but finds that there is no other way that won’t include more bloodshed. He decided to contact Ethel, the Sun Knight, and plotted with her at La Locomotive to assassinate the Moon Knight, her husband. Ethel let it slip that she was the one who had called in “The Flaming Sword of the Lord” that had killed the suspected prostitutes to help purge some corruption from the city. Dashing Douglas had originally plotted to kill the Moon Knight at The Platinum Lounge but after discussing it with Daemon decided that a back alley in an empty warehouse is where they should have the Moon Knight meet them. They will call Ethel before they leave so she can meet them there and help. Continuing his hunt for George Washington, Gabriel summoned a Loa to ask it where he is. The Loa told Gabriel that he could find George in Joliet prison as a “guest of the state”. Gabriel traveled to Joliet Prison and found out that George Washington was in prison due to having slept with a cop’s daughter. He spoke with Washington and used Soulgaze upon him to see if he really had killed that person with magic. George Washington turned out to be a weak man who felt powerless without a Loa in charge of his body so Gabriel decided not to kill him yet. Gabriel did, however, bribe a guard to have an “accident” happen to Washington while he was in prison. Meanwhile, Molly went to the gun club and met Louisa to speak with her about any friends of hers that might need entertaining. Night came upon them all as the plot began to thicken…"

16th Session
Red Court Mess

“Everyone awoke the next morning alive, even Darien didn’t get attacked the night before. The Sun Court Knight, however, showed up early at his door demanding to know what the group had found out about Mack. Darien spills the beans about the Moon Court and she leaves in a huff, promising to tell her prince about what has happened. Not worried, Darien heads to the Cubs game to sit in the box seats. Molly worked on a new routine all day while Gabriel tracked another piece of the Tablet down only to find out it is in the water pipes with a swift current even he would have trouble dealing with. Defeated, Gabriel went to the Cubs game as well and notices the 10 year old boy who is rechalking the lines has magic abilities. After the game he approaches the father, the head groundskeeper, and asks if his son would be willing to do yardwork for him since he is so busy. The father agrees to his son mowing Gabriel’s yard once a week. The group meets at the club that night without Damon or Dashing Douglas, who are busy. Gabriel notices a man who has a magic aura and Darien sends him a bourbon. Gabriel grabs the glass from the waitress’ tray when the guy is done and tastes his saliva. The saliva tastes funny, like a man on the edge, and Gabriel realizes he is Red Court. At that point, the vampire rips off the head of the waitress next to him and begins killing people at random. Ariel and Darien start shooting him while Molly dives for cover and Gabriel casts a spell to make it easier for the panicked people to find exits. After being shot multiple times the vampire finally goes down but his body explodes and Gabriel is taken out of the fight. Two more Red Court come in through the open door and attack Darien, taking him out. One vampire tries to attack Ariel but is forced to run away in terror when she invokes her presence and intimidates him. Once done with Darien the other vampire attacks Ariel, who gets help from Molly. Molly uses water to create a whip out of water to grapple the vampire while Ariel just keeps shooting him in the face. The vampire dies but again his body explodes, sending blood and guts everywhere. 13 total people died in the club that night and the police arrived to find Ariel pretending to be hysterical about how these guys came in with dynamite and blew themselves up. Luckily the blood and tears help to make her story believable and the club is shut down for clean up and repairs. Gabriel, Darien, and Molly escaped before the police came and went home to try and get some rest, thinking about why the bodies exploded.”

15th Session

“The group was still tired from the fight with the sorcerer when they met at the club with the Moon and Sun court knights, a married couple. The knights reported that Mack the Knife had killed six full blooded fae members on each side and requested us to stop him. Daemon Chaosti Harper Blaine agreed to help while Gabriel told them he was planning on staying out of it. Daemon and Darian put out feelers that they are looking to talk to Mack the Knife. After the knights left a scroll popped up from thin air in front of Daemon, who opened it to find out that Warden Justin Demorne had decided to step down and take a rest from the hectic life. Daemon has his suspicions of who might be the new warden but keeps them to himself. Everyone goes home for some well earned rest and in the morning Darian Rockefeller Prentice extends an invitation to everyone to come to dinner at the Palmer House that evening. Since nobody can resist free food they all show up to find out that he had actually invited them to ask a favor. He mentions that Louisa, the Dow heiress, had asked him a couple of days ago to investigate the hangar next to hers because she had noticed something strange going on over there and she knew Darian and his friends were into strange stuff. The group reluctantly agreed to look into the matter and Darian called Louisa to meet the group at the hangar. She met them there in her men’s clothing and led them to her hangar, mentioning that the odd thing that caused her to ask the group to investigate was the smell of burning blood in the hangar next door. Gabriel looks at the hangar from the outside with the Sight and notices how clean it is, like it was scrubbed with magic. Dashing Douglas in his usual shadowy investigation smelled bleach around the building and noticed a circle of water. Molly determined that the water was lake water, odd since the lake was miles away. Daemon broke the circle with a shovel and the group proceeded into the spotless hangar. Gabriel again confirmed using the Sight that the hangar had been scrubbed clean on the inside as well with spirit and force magic with a little bleach for good measure. The group suspects that this may have been where the sorcerer had done his ritual but nobody was willing to say it out loud in front of someone who isn’t “in the know”. The group leaves, promising Louisa that they will continue the investigation and to let Darian know if anything else strange happens. The group then goes their separate ways for the evening.
When Darian gets back to the Palmer House he has a message from Mack saying that he’ll meet with the group at noon the next day at an address in the Meat Packing District. Darian calls the club and informs Daemon, who was busy putting out feelers to find Geraldine since he hadn’t seen her for a while. News gets back to him that she ill be out of touch for a while as she is recording an album. Gabriel decides he wants to try and find the six tablets and asks Daemon to let him use the one tablet the group has to track the rest down. Daemon declines, so Gabriel has to use his favor from the Windy City to find another tablet and spends the rest of the day studying it closely. Molly tries to contact her lady but finds the line is busy so she heads to the Fountain of the Great Lakes to try and speak with her. A new statue at the fountain speaks to her with a chilly air and Maab, who is speaking through the statue, tells her that her lady will be indisposed for a while because she was being naughty and that Molly needed to bugger off until she had done the favor that Mack was going to request of her.
The group met at noon at Harland Meat Packing plant with Mack, who was babysitting Lady Constance by allowing her to sharpen her sword skills on hanging hunks of cow in a large freezer. Daemon asks why he’s killing the Sun and Moon fae and, as always, Mack comes back with the reason that they were rude to him at one point or another. He then gets serious and says that the real reason is that the Moon court had claimed Lady Duff Gordon and Maab wanted her back and the Moon mark off of her. He said he would stop the killing if this was done so the group with the exception of Molly left. Mack then gave Molly the extra mission of getting a watch that belongs to Lady Duff Gordon back from the Moon Court and giving it back to her, citing the reason that the watch is apparently the way that Maab and Molly’s lady keep “score” and that without it the game could not continue and Molly wouldn’t be able to talk to her lady. As soon as she leaves she sends a message to the knight of the Moon Court to meet her at the neutral ground, a good idea since it was daytime. He does and she discusses with him the situation. He informs her that only the fae that made the deal can break it but he does know of only one fae in the Moon Court that takes a possession when they make a deal. Daemon also reaches out to the knight of the Moon Court and after dark meets everyone at the club to discuss the same situation him and Molly had met privately about earlier except the watch. The Moon Knight informs us that the fae Samuel, the Demon of the Crossroads, is probably the one who holds the deal with Lady Duff Gordon. The group decides that they need to meet with Samuel so Daemon sends a request and everyone anxiously waits to see if he’ll grant an audience…"

13th Session

“The sun is just rising in the city of Chicago as Molly makes her way to the Fountain of the Great Lakes with her glass of lake water. She pours the water in to communicate with her lady, who warns her that Excaliber is coming to town and to stay out of the dragon’s way. Meanwhile, Marek is still investigating the fire at the school that killed three nuns and 92 school boys. He learns that a Detective Casey in uptown has been assigned the case. He looks into the significance of the order of the bodies and even opens the Sight in the nun’s rooms but has very little luck. He decides to go to Kroch’s and Brentano’s to speak with the scary German Adolph Kroch, who agrees to look into the history of the church for him. Darian Rockefeller Prentice heads to the gun range and receives a phone call from Louisa. She has a sensitive matter that she wishes the group to investigate in the hangar next door at the airport and Darian agrees to meet her at the Blackstone Hotel the next evening. Gabriel Atticus Blackthorne and Daemon Chaosti Harper Blaine follow the trail of Matthew to the post office. Daemon blows through a ward but no one is home. Gabriel breaks into the back door and goes to the basement where Oliver Roosevelt said he was staying. Gabriel removed the veil over the door to find a nasty smelling room that had to be where Oliver was living. It was full of skins and unmentionable body fluids but Gabriel managed to snag a fox fur to take with him for later use. He found nothing on the second floor and left the building. Early in the evening Molly takes a dress and some glass beads to a costumer and then heads to the club. A handsome man by the name of Mack Messer, or Mack the knife, catches her eye and she sits at his table. The two talk for awhile then leave together, presumably to slate some feelings of lust. Ariel arrives at the club a little while later after attending a charity gala at the Field Museum and receiving a phone call from her boss. Eventually the rest of the group except for Dashing Douglas Dresden show up at the club and after learning who Molly left the club with assume she might be dead by morning. Gabriel Atticus Blackthorne does a spell using the fox fur and determines that at least Oliver Roosevelt is in the Masonic Temple building, the neutral ground. The group heads over and confirms with Johnny that both Matthew and Oliver are there, but at the highest point. The elevator takes the group as high as it can go and they take the stairs the rest of the way to the roof where a strong veil is hiding what is truly going on. Eventually, after some very hard effort, Marek manages to break through the veil and it is revealed that Matthew is in a hot air balloon over the street. He is surrounded by wind spirits and his only tie to the ground is Oliver, who is standing on the roof holding the guide rope in his hands. The battle to save the city from being enslaved is about to begin.”

11th/12th Session

The makers or Bromo Quinine Cold Tablets bring you another adventure

When you are threatened with a cold remember this: Bromo Quinine tablets are made expressly for the relief of colds. They are not a cure-all. They are made for one thing and one thing only and that is the relief of colds. Isn’t it better to take a preparation that has only one use rather than one that has half a dozen uses? Insure yourself the advantages of specialized medication. When you feel a cold coming on, take Bromo Quinine tablets.

It was 1:30AM and the night owls were just coming out in the windy city of Chicago. The group with the new dancer Molly and the new wizard Gabriel Atticus Blackthorne in tow left the morgue and headed to the post office that now stands on what was the famous “Murder Castle”. The post office looked harmless enough with its two stories, pillars, and double staircases but they had heard of the horrors that happened here. Everyone got out of the cars to investigate and it wasn’t long before wards above the doors and windows made of spirit magic were detected. Daemon Chaosti Harper Blaine was pretty sure that setting off the wards would trigger a binding effect and only be the first in a long cascade of effects that none of the group wanted to know the end of. Gabriel Atticus Blackthorne detected that a portal to the Nevernever was about to open with the stench of death and decay coming through. He set up a block that stood up through the first attempt but the group heard a pop and a thud as something landed and ducked behind cover on the roof. Molly jumped on the car but all she could see was meaty arms and a vest. Darian Rockerfeller Prentice caught the stench of dead panther and the group instantly knew who it had to be: the son of the hunting god Burstuk, or Oliver Roosevelt. Darian Rockerfeller Prentice taunted him to make him reveal himself as Daemon Chaosti Harper Blaine, Dashing Douglas Dresden,Ariel Vonavichgot to the roof. Molly rode to the top of the roof on a water swan and blocked Darian’s shot, not that it would have done any good as the group later found out. Oliver looked ready to fight but after Gabriel Atticus Blackthorne pinned him down with the bricks of the roof grabbing his limbs he seemed more willing to talk. He said that Matthew had hired him as a bodyguard while he did a ritual that put all of this power into a baseball bat that he keeps with him at all times. Oliver lives in the basement of the post office now, he mentioned it was nice since the wards had come from when the Black Court had owned the building. The group let him go and headed to Walgreens, the last place Oliver had seen Matthew. While Molly and Daemon had milk shakes, Johnny told us that he’d seen Matthew a few hours ago. Matthew was a white guy, brown hair, and a summoner. Darian called the werepanthers to let them know their initial bombing had missed Oliver and where he was now hiding. With the milkshakes done, the group headed back to the neutral territory of the club and Damon played. After the show he put out feelers looking for information on Matthew and the group didn’t have to wait long before a small tornado wind elemental with eyes showed up at the club door looking for him. We went in the back room and Matthew through the elemental told us of his plan to take over Chicago by binding its spirit use one of the Vedas books. The group pretty much told him that wasn’t going to happen and the elemental disappeared leaving the office even more a mess than it was. Gabriel tracked the power trail back to the post office. Meanwhile, Marek had been in the Nevernever poking around and had found a sprite who saw a bunch of elementals moving stuff through some days before. The group decided to split up at that point and Ariel and Darian went home to the Palmer House. As Ariel walked into her room she heard a roar downstairs from Darian and rushed to his room. Oliver had ambushed him, claiming something about how shapeshifters fight with their claws, and Darian was on the losing end of the fight. Ariel intervened, shooting his pistol and the crossbow into Oliver but only doing minor damage. Darian’s leg was busted up pretty bad and he eventually passed out. It looked like the fight might continue between Ariel and Oliver but Dashing Douglas Dresden and Daemon Chaosti Harper Blaine showed up in the knick of time to change Oliver’s mind. He jumped out the window and escaped into the early morning light."

9th/10th Session

Hello, boys and girls! You know, most of the things that are lots of fun to do, take a lot of strength to do well. Think of all the games you play, and all the sports you take part in. You certainly have to be strong to swim, to play football, to play good tennis, to win races … well, to do almost anything that’s fun. So, if you don’t want to shut yourself off from all the good times that are going on, you better see what you can do about keeping in top form. You don’t have to try too hard … milk will usually help you out in all the ways you need. If you drink at least a quart of milk every day, you’ll most likely find that your muscles are getting stronger, you’re growing faster, you have more pep, and you feel right on top of the world. Try it and see!

All thats left of the Hearst Estate is a burned out hulk, dead bodies litter the grounds, and the shore of proud lake Michigan. What really happened here? We may never know the truth. All we know is that magic met claw that night. Blanche Hearst and Scipio escaped on the yacht “ Mother Lode”. The Baron has declared that Chicago is in the control of the Red Court now. Queen Mab and Queen Titania have agreed with the Baron, but they have also declared that Chicago will be the battle ground between the Sun Court and the Moon Court. Only those who study the Fae know what those courts are. As Summer burns Chicago, Daemon Chaosti Harper Blaine and Geraldine have opened the jazz club La Locomotive, It has become a popular hangout for the minor practitioners of the city.

As Dashing Douglas Dresden and Daemon arrive at home, they feel a ward dropping across the street at Weegham field. They climb the fence and see a body laying at first base, second base, and short stop.

At first base is the body of Frank Chance, he’d been strangled, frozen and had three symbols painted on his body, one on his forehead, one above his heart, and one at his navel. The body at second base was that of Johnny Evers, He had the same symbols but they were carved into his body. The short stop was Joe Tinkers the symbols on his body had been branded there. The felt the remains of spirit and air magic over all of the bodies. Someone had also been weaving a ritual into the chalk on the field so that it would stay in place. As it was getting on in the morning, they informed their friends of what had happened and set up to meet them that night. Darian Rockerfeller Prentice went to the ballpark a few hours later to see what he could find out. The story the cops are spreading is that there was graffiti in the park. Darian bought a box for the next four games.
They all met up at La Locomotive at 5 pm. When they arrived there was a strange man dressed in renaissance clothes talking to Geraldine, he explained that he was the Sun Court scorekeeper and that he was just informing Geraldineof the rules, so that if any of the other changelings had questions they could ask her. John Wrigley then arrived at the club and asked to speak to all of them in private. He told them that he had heard that Darian and his friends could take care of strange problems. He wants them to figure out who killed the players. He also said that it doesn’t have to stand up in a court of law. Dresden and Daemon asked for season tickets for life in payment, Wrigley agreed.

The next morning they got a call from Wrigley telling them to head down to Comiskey park. There they were ushered past the cops into the club house. Three more bodies had been found. Abe Attell, Eddie Cicotte, Chick Gandil, all with the same markings on their bodies. Daemon looked at them with the sight and it appeared as if they were linked to the wind and the streets of Chicago. Darian was able to tell them that the symbols looked to be from India. At that time someone started hitting Darian and Dresden with some kind of mental attack. Dresden managed to shut down the remote viewing spell and even flung an attack spell of his own back down the link. Then Comiskey froze in the corner, so Dresden put him in a circle which seemed to break the spell.
With a rush of air Justin DuMorne the warden for Chicago came barging in. He told Ariel Vonavich and Darian to get out. Darian refused and kept arguing so Justin knocked him out with a spell. He then asked Ariel to leave. She stepped outside. He grilled Dresden and Daemon about the murders, said he was satisfied that Daemon hadn’t committed them. He thinks that maybe the Moon Knight had done it since he was from India. Since the murders where not committed by magic, he really didn’t care. He thinks maybe some one is trying to bind the spirit of Chicago, but that he doesn’t believe cities have spirits. He said that he was in town cleaning up an issue at a private school. He wants Daemon to keep as much of this out of the papers as he can. He then stormed off after glaring at Dresden.
The group then went to the Field museum to see an expert on Indian mythology, since Ariel had just given a generous donation they were rushed right in. He told them that he symbols on the bodies were the classic chakra symbols, with a few extra marks.

8th Session
Vampire War

The Announcer approaches the mike to be introduced
Announcer: Actually Miracle Whip was introduced and only a short time ago at that, yet today it’s America’s favorite salad dressing, the favorite of millions of men and women. Why? Because it’s so delicious. Because it’s so good. Miracle Whip is not too bland, nor too sharp, nor too oily. It has a “just right” taste all its own, familiar yet entirely new. For Miracle Whip is an exclusive combination of the fine ingredients of finest mayonnaise and true, old-fashioned boiled dressing, whipped to a fluffy smoothness; so creamy, so delicious. Hundreds of thousands, millions of women are using Miracle Whip salad dressing, created by Kraft. Many have told us they prefer it to mayonnaise and yet it actually costs less. Regardless of price, however, they tell us they would still prefer Miracle Whip. You’ll enjoy your favorite salad more than ever with Miracle Whip. Try it! Get a jar from your grocer or at your market first thing tomorrow morning.

The scene is the estate of Blanche Hearst, The time – middle of the night in late May

The Vampires continue to sweep the grounds, while their gangsters continue to surround the ancient roman bathhouse. Then everything changes as Dashing Douglas Dresden leaps the wall and disappears into the trees quicker then the eye can follow. Darian Rockerfeller Prentice,Ariel Vonavich, Daemon Chaosti Harper Blaine rush head long up the driveway and into the house. Marek watches from the lake and notices that underwater there is a strange booming, almost like a drum. The Gangsters then open up on the bathhouse not knowing that their bullets are managing to destroy the ward that protects the building. Several Vampires looking like giant bats, leave the trees and storm into the house after Darian and company. Dashing Douglas casts a spell throwing confusing shadows over the lawn, he then uses the shadows to grab the gangsters guns and throw them toward the lake. In the house Darian goes full ligar, and attacks a vampire exchanging claw swipes with the bat thing. Ariel opens up with her muff pistol of fire, burning the same bat Darian is fighting with her dragon flame. Daemon blasts the faces off of two of the bat things with a spell of pure sunlight. Dashing Douglas rushes out onto the lawn as the Wards finally drop and the Vampires rush into the bathhouse. Dashing Douglas casts a spell making one of the vampires fight his own shadow. Marek investigating underwater notices that the yacht at the dock has been covered in human bones. He also sees a large pipe leading into the bathhouse. The pipe is currently full of zombies walking toward the bathhouse. When the zombies get into the bathhouse they wait at the bottom of a large pool, till Blanche Hearst with her sword strapped on her back swims down to them. They then lead her out to the yacht, which she enters through an underwater pool.
Back above ground, Darian, Ariel, and Daemon manage to finish off the vampires in the house. Douglas has now got two vampires fighting their own shadows as they try to kill him. With flashes of fire the vampires that managed to enter the bathhouse die from Servius Calpurnius Scipio magic. This is when new players enter the battle, coming out of the shadows two black court vampires cast spells at Dashing Douglas and the Vampires he is fighting, they try to suck the life out of Dresden and pepper the whole area with flying bone shards, taking out all the remaining gangsters who’d just now managed to find their guns. Two larger bats then fly over the wall, one of them heads straight for the black court, the other flies into the bathhouse.

As Marek raises a mist to protect the yacht. We pause till the next exciting episode.

7th Session
Death of a Master

Adam Hats presents—


ANNOUNCER: “The Death of a Master”

Darian Rockerfeller Prentice meets another member of the Society this time its something unexpected a liberated woman, Louisa d’Andelot Carpenter, she’s an heiress of the DuPont family, she can shoot, fly a plane, and loves jazz. She want’s Darian to hold off on causing any trouble in the Society until after Blanche passes on.

ANNOUNCER: Gentlemen, Adam — hatter to famous Americans for many years — has created a brand-new value in fine headgear for men. It’s the Adam Five. Nowhere in America can you find a better buy. Try on an Adam Five; see for yourself. Notice the perfect fit, the up-to-the-minute fashion, the quality feel of the lustrous fine fur felt! Every Adam Five is fine fur felt, handblocked by master craftsmen, and you have a great variety of correct styles from which to choose. Try on an Adam Five tomorrow. You’ll look right, and feel right, in one — proud to be seen wearing one anywhere. For other Adam Hats, choose from prices ranging from three-forty-five to ten dollars. If it bears the Adam crest of quality inside the crown, you can be sure of honest value.

Ariel Vonavich arranged for a meeting with Julich Kleve Berg to discuss the fiddle, he agrees to meet her on neutral ground.Marek got a message from Father Stanislaus that they were ready for an attack on the black court and would like his help as back up. They then head to the Masonic temple. When Julich arrives in this hearse they strike. With snipers on the buildings, shooting blessed wooden bullets. Then Stanislaus sends one of the priests armed with St. Elmo’s fire. Ariel tries to protect Julich but the fire burns her and she quickly falls to the flames. Marak in an act of kindness sends some water to wash her away from the rest of the fight. The car starts to burn but Julich is protected by his magic, Until Stanislaus covers him in a rosary net. They then surround the car with a circle. Stanislaus then calls down the fist of god and Julich dies in a fiery explosion contained in the circle. Daemon Chaosti Harper Blaine arrives just in the nick of time to place Ariel in a cab and send her to her doctor. He also manages to protect the neutral ground with a wall of sound. The wards placed to hide the battle fade and all that is left the burning remains of a car on the street. Stanislaus and Marak return to the church to rest and hide. With all their relics used it will take time before they are ready again to face the Court. This is the spark that begins the full fledged Vampire War in Chicago. One Champion has yet to reveal himself, two are dead and one has managed to kill the most powerful black court in Chicago. The Red court appears to be about to take over….

ANNOUNCER: “The Death of a Master,” directed by Jock MacGregor, is presented by the makers of Adam Hats — the hats that are always tops in quality! This – is – Mutual!

6th Session
The Society


ANNOUNCER: Jell-O, in those six delicious flavors, Jell-O puddings for old-fashioned homemade goodness bring you The Society

As the party continues Darian Rockerfeller Prentice is approached by a servant and brought to a secret door in the basement. Inside sits some of the richest people in the world. They tell him that a Rockefeller is always welcome in The Society. They have a potion that will grant eternal life but it must be drunk once a year, Darian’s great grandfather is the one who found the recipe. It is discussed that Blanche provides dragon bone, Kazim provides diamonds. The other ingredients aren’t discussed. Darian agrees to join and drinks the potion. They continue to discuss that the wizard who creates the potion for them Servius Calpurnius Scipio is requiring more every year, so they need to find a wizard not associated with the white council to make the potion for them. They also discuss that Servius has her yacht and they have no idea what he does with the other part of his payment. Also that Blanche has decided that this is the last year she will take the potion, she is not well and wishes to die. Her Daughter will take her place.
With Darian missing Dashing Douglas Dresden sneaks around the house and manages to find the hidden room, but no idea how to open it. Daemon Chaosti Harper Blaine investigates the bathhouse finding that it is heavily warded.
Darian does ask about Nero’s Fiddle Blanche said that she gave it to Servius and that he gave it to his boss Julich Kleve Berg. So it would seem that the black court vampires have the relic.
When Darian returns to the party something about him almost drives Ariel Vonavich to kill him. She manages to restrain herself and leaves the party. Everyone is starting to get headaches so they all leave the party and head back to town. Ariel gets contacted by Ferrovax, something at the party was interfering with his ability to contact her, he is not happy and wants her to find out what is going on. Ariel gets Daemon to look at Darian and figure out why he stinks of death. Daemon asks Darian for permission and opens his third eye. He sees a powerful ligar with scales under the fur restrained by the magic of Africa.
Darian is then visited by Sahebzada Mir Kazim Ali Khan Hasmat Jah, who wants his help in getting the book away from Blanche and her daughter and giving power of the Society back to the men where it belongs. He also warns Darian that there are other members who weren’t there when he arrived and that they will also be looking to speak to the new member.
Daemon also agreed to the favor required by Huskisson, So Huskisson frees the fae that the Queen requires. Daemon should he hear of Huskisson’s death he will buy a ticket on any train going at least a hundred miles away, and then give the ticket to the conductor. Dresden is also warned in a note to keep his head down the queen is coming.

5th Session
Orchid Party

The City was rocked today by a fire at a Butcher shop near the stockyards, as well as a drive by shooting at a downtown store. Luckily no one was harmed in the shooting but several expensive dresses were ruined. When Dashing Douglas Dresden, and Daemon Chaosti Harper Blaine woke up they found their steps covered in garlic and water, unknown at this time who the crazed vandal is. Ariel Vonavich and Darian Rockerfeller Prentice manage to find out that Blanche Hearst is a avid collector of occult Roman artifacts and if anyone in Chicago has information about the fiddle it would be her. They both also just happen to have an invite to her charity dinner for the Orchid Society tomorrow night. Deamon talking to some of his white council contacts learns that Nero did have a pet sorcerer who was a master of fire magic. When the wardens killed him some of his things did go missing. Talking to Kroch, Deamon also found out that Blanche is the top buyer of Roman artifacts, and has been suckered into buying many fakes. She does have a few authentic ones though, a bed that Caligula slept in, and the sword of Aulus that protects the bearer from magic.
Everyone made preparations for the big party, whether it was buying a nice suit, or mediating to focus their power. As they arrived at the party they found out it was an outdoor affair on her estate, near what looks like an authentic roman bathhouse. They quickly noticed that the fires burning around the party could form a circle if someone powered it up. The place was absolutely crawling with orchids of every shape and fragrance. The average age of the people in attendance at the party is around fifty so the group had no chance of just blending in and observing. They were accosted by a chatty grandma who was sure Dresden was a friend of her grandchild. Ariel was surrounded by many old men wishing to chat with such a lovely lady. Darian chatted with Marion Davies the film star, and mistress of William Randolph Hearst.


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