The Society

A Alchemical Society of the Elite


Known Members

Blanche Hearst- Supplies Dragon Bone, and has the Potion Book

Reginald Vanderbilt-

Sahebzada Mir Kazim Ali Khan Hasmat Jah- Supplies Diamonds and part of the fee the wizard requires.

Darian Rockerfeller Prentice


History of the group per Blanche Hearst

William “Devil Bill” Rockefeller found a potion book that belonged to a deceased wizard. He began selling snake oil based on the recipes in the book. Eventually Blanche and Bill got together and experimented with the formulas until they found one that would work. Bill left for some unknown reason. Blanche decided to share the potion with other worthy people. Sometime before she gathered the others her mind started to be affected by all the failed attempts. Since she’s always been known as a little odd, she wasn’t able to recruit any of the heads of the great families. Luckily for her all families have their black sheep.

Now once a year a batch of the potion is made, all members receive 10 doses that last for one year and a day.

The Society

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