Windy City Blues

21st Session.

White/Red War

Ariel awakened, having had bad dreams all night after getting attacked at the party. As she was getting ready she heard a knock on her door. She answered it and Lillian was there, crying and begging for help. Ariel allowed her in only to have Lillian attack her, snarling and crying at the same time. Ariel easily overpowered her and tied her up, but she ended up having to knock her out. She called Daemon but no one was home so she called Dresden and he agreed to come over. Dashing came over and determined that she was Red Court infected, which there was nothing he could do about. It was decided to take her to the church and let them try to help her. Ariel dropped them off, having no reason to go inside the church herself. Father Stanislaus leads Dashing Douglas into the basement, which was full of weapons, to a group of cells to put Lillian in while they help her. Father Stanislaus also told him about what occurred at the meeting and warns Dashing about the out of control angel and the Knight of the Cross. Darian took Daemon home to make a potion to save Molly while Gabriel worked on an armor potion for his home. Darian called Capone’s man and let him know what was going on. Molly escaped his circle and went to the house, but the boy William wouldn’t allow her in. William did bring her some dry clothes and she danced on Gabriel’s front lawn until Will made her some mac and cheese. They were sitting on the porch eating when Daemon and Darian pulled up to the house with the potion. They all went inside Gabriel’s house, which is dusty and obviously in disrepair. Darian makes Gabriel a deal that as long as Molly can stay with him he won’t charge him for destroying the expensive bathtub. Daemon called Dresden and invited him over. Daemon heard a flaming call of passion from the basement and when Dresden arrived he could hear it as well. It got louder when Ariel arrived with women’s clothing and food. They began humming the tune and Gabriel, after recognizing it, asked them to stop. Ariel showed Molly how to cook while Gabriel figured out that energy from outside the house was getting to the egg. He decided to put the egg in a bucket of water, which Darian witnessed after following him down to the basement. After describing what happened at the party, it was decided to call Louisa who was the last one nobody knew what had happened to. She was out so everyone decided to go home. Daemon and Dresden shared a cab so they could discuss the warden issue. Darian and Ariel went back to the Palmer House and were trying to relax in Darian’s apartment when they heard a frantic knock at the door. Louisa burst in, raving about an angel having killed a bunch of people at a whorehouse she had been visiting. Darian took Louisa to the church for sanctuary while Ariel went to Daemon’s house to let him know what was going on. Daemon called to warn Dresden of the angel being out and about but Dashing still went and performed his show. Around 2AM in the morning an explosion rocked the Northside as a distillery exploded. The distillery was owned by the Northside mob but luckily no one was injured when Dresden arrived. The water in the bucket holding the phoenix egg suddenly vanished but luckily Gabriel was still awake so he added more water and the egg calmed back down. Later in the morning Gabriel received a phone call that tomorrow a mage called Listen to Wind was going to arrive for a tour of the city. Daemon and Ariel went to the Masonic Temple building. Daemon asked one of the minor practitioners if he could speak to one of the Loa and she asks what another white man would want from a Loa. She told him of George Washington and that the Loa said that the other white man tried to have the guards kill George in prison. She told Daemon that he needed to speak with the Loa of the Crossroads if he wanted to find out anything more.



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