Windy City Blues

19th Session

The darkness lifted to reveal a scene of chaos and disorder in the restaurant. Gabriel, Ariel, and Daemon made a quick exit outside just as Darian and Dresden arrived. Ariel asked where Molly was but Gabriel had lost her during the fight. Daemon noticed a portal to the Nevernever closing on the other side of the street in a shadow in the alley. The group determined that Molly had been kidnapped and probably taken to the Nevernever. Darian grabs his weapons out of his car and goes into were-lyger form as Dashing Douglas Dresden opened a portal to the Nevernever. Everyone stepped through.
The portal opens onto the alley in the Nevernever and solidified moonlight tried to kill Daemon, Gabriel, and Darian. They dodged and the group went into the street where sun and moon court like cops and robbers were running and shooting at each other all over. This was odd since the Sun and Moon Court weren’t supposed to be in the Nevernever. The party left that problem for later as they entered a building and Gabriel performed a tracking spell to find Molly. A little goblin named Bogey showed up in a fedora and trenchcoat and said he could lead them to the dame. The path he took wound all around the city as was very strange. Bogey led the party to the Sun Knight, where she revealed the plot that Dresden, Daemon, and she had come up with to kill the Moon Knight. She opened a portal back to the real world after sensing her husband was no longer in the Nevernever. The party plus Bogey ends up at the sun dial in Lincoln Park, which was luckily not too far from Daemon’s apartment. The group went there to gather supplies and clothing for Darian.
Meanwhile, Molly woke up from being knocked out to find herself in a completely dark room with who she figured out was the Moon Knight. He told her of his plan to kill us but that he would let her go since she was protected by the Lady of the Lake. After the Moon Knight left, Molly heard a female voice talk to her. It was Lady Constance, who told Molly that Mack had sent her to save her after her friends were dead. At least Molly knew she would survive…
Meanwhile, Bogey led the group to the new Wrigley building under construction and told them that Molly was in the freight tunnels by the water. The group broke in through the gate of the construction zone and broke in to the manager’s trailer to read the floor plans. Inside the building was the supernatural darkness but they managed to find their way to the stairs. Gabriel was the first one in but fell to the first landing. The rest of the party passed him and as Darian rounded the corner a hail of fire from a tommy gun was heard. Douglas passed Darian to return fire with his pistol to no avail. Ariel passed both of them to act as a human shield and the three got to the bottom of the stairs. Gabriel, the last in line, got attacked from behind by a man with a ram’s head and got punted all the way into the next room. Daemon turned and hit the attacker with his Walls of Jericho, which shattered one of the ram’s horns and knocked the attacker out cold. As Ariel and Dresden struggled with the attacker with the tommy gun, Darian transformed and shoulder-tackled the group. Dashing Douglas got out of the way but all the rest flew through the door on the other side and landed on top of Gabriel. Gabriel used magic to get out from underneath the pile only to get stabbed by a mage-killer dagger in the hands of the Moon Knight. The guy with the tommy gun decided this fight wasn’t worth it and disappeared. Douglas used a spell to burn out the Moon Knight’s eyes while Ariel shot him. Daemon illuminated the entire room with a spell, causing all of the Hobs on the walls to go away. The Moon Knight held up his hands in surrender but Dashing Douglas killed him anyway, effectively ending the war between the Sun and Moon courts. Daemon cauterized Gabriel’s wounds and Ariel, the only one who could handle the dagger, stowed it away to send to the dragon.
Meanwhile, Molly was still trapped in the entry-less room. Lady Constance told her that The Shadow had killed the Moon Knight and that Mack was all wrong about him. Molly had no idea who The Shadow was. She used the water in her flask to summon a helper to get her out. Bogey appeared and brought her to where her friends were. Molly asked if they knew who The Shadow was but nobody seemed to know. They all made their way to the exit and hoped no more trouble would come their way for now.



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