Windy City Blues

18th Session

As repairs continue at La Locomotive, Daemon decided it would be a good idea to put a ward on the door against Red Court. Emma Watson woke Molly up very early and took her shopping. Molly came home with a dinner dress and a tea dress for the party the next night. Gabriel stopped by the club to ask for Daemon’s help in getting two bottles of Jamaican rum for the Lowa (sp?) because he has only one week to get it.
Molly decided to investigate Lady Duff Gordon’s watch before she had to turn it over the next evening. It looked like an ordinary men’s pocket watch with 16 rubies but there was a little bit of water under the watch glass. She could tell it was magical but not what kind or how powerful so she requested Daemon’s help. To Daemon, this watch was the most powerful magic item he had ever seen. A very powerful type of water magic oozed out of it and it seems to have a lot more power than it should be able to hold for its size. While talking about the watch, Molly spills the secret of her working for the Lady of the Lake to Daemon. Gabriel, still at the club, tried to listen in on the conversation and got caught. Daemon has Gabriel look at the watch but Gabriel can’t see how powerful it is. Molly, who always falls for the wrong man, looked at Gabriel in a different light and decided she wanted him. He resisted and left, but Molly followed a short time later. Gabriel arrived home to find his lawn mowed and decided it was time he had his apprentice. He went to Willie O’Donnell’s house and asked the boy’s father about his special gifts. Gabriel tells the father that he knows a place where Willie’s gifts will be cultivated to help society. The father sells Willie for $500 to Gabriel and agrees to have him at Gabriel’s house the next morning at 10AM.
Meanwhile, Molly had arrived at Gabriel’s house to find nobody home. She tried to break in using her water magic but was repelled by his wards. Luckily, Gabriel returned home soon after she arrived and allowed her inside. They decided to go out to eat (since it looked as though Gabriel had never cooked on his stove in his life) but Gabriel insisted it wasn’t a date. The spaghetti house must have been a popular choice for dinner that night as they saw Daemon and Ariel eating at the same restaurant once they’d been seated. Dinner had just arrived when it suddenly went completely dark, not even the light of the candles shining through.
The Hobs attacked the party in the darkness. Daemon kicked his chair away and hid under the table while Ariel shot them from the seated position. Gabriel hid under his table as well so he wasn’t there when Molly reached across the table to grab his arm. She felt the heat of the candle on the table and knew something was attacking Gabriel. She used water out of her flask to choke the attacking thing while Gabriel stabbed it with his knife. Gabriel used magic to determine that the creatures attacking them were Hobs. Molly used her graceful dancer ways to get outside and found out it was still completely dark. She was knocked out and kidnapped outside the restaurant. Inside, Ariel kept shooting as Daemon used his Walls of Jericho to blast away the last of the attackers. They all waited in the dark to see what happened next.



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