Windy City Blues

17th Session

“It was the day after and back to business as usual. Daemon checked out the club to see how bad the damage was and hired a crew to clean it up. Molly Davies called Ariel to speak about getting the watch back to Lady Duff Gordon and Ariel invites her to the fashion show. Ariel scheduled her personal shopper Emma Watson to pick out an outfit for Molly that would be suitable for such an occasion. Molly then called up Darien Rockefeller Prentice to meet up with him later. She offered him a favor in exchange for a larger bathtub and he agreed; the favor will be determined later. Gabriel got a phone call to check out the bodies at a suspected brothel to see if they had been killed by magic. The bodies had long burn marks across them like a knife blade of fire had cut them and when he tried to determine what kind of magic had been used he heard angelic singing. He decided that the Lord doesn’t just kill good people at random and decided it wasn’t his problem. Dashing Douglas Dresden met with Samuel to discuss how to end the Sun and Moon Court war without killing either of the knights but finds that there is no other way that won’t include more bloodshed. He decided to contact Ethel, the Sun Knight, and plotted with her at La Locomotive to assassinate the Moon Knight, her husband. Ethel let it slip that she was the one who had called in “The Flaming Sword of the Lord” that had killed the suspected prostitutes to help purge some corruption from the city. Dashing Douglas had originally plotted to kill the Moon Knight at The Platinum Lounge but after discussing it with Daemon decided that a back alley in an empty warehouse is where they should have the Moon Knight meet them. They will call Ethel before they leave so she can meet them there and help. Continuing his hunt for George Washington, Gabriel summoned a Loa to ask it where he is. The Loa told Gabriel that he could find George in Joliet prison as a “guest of the state”. Gabriel traveled to Joliet Prison and found out that George Washington was in prison due to having slept with a cop’s daughter. He spoke with Washington and used Soulgaze upon him to see if he really had killed that person with magic. George Washington turned out to be a weak man who felt powerless without a Loa in charge of his body so Gabriel decided not to kill him yet. Gabriel did, however, bribe a guard to have an “accident” happen to Washington while he was in prison. Meanwhile, Molly went to the gun club and met Louisa to speak with her about any friends of hers that might need entertaining. Night came upon them all as the plot began to thicken…"



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