Windy City Blues

16th Session

Red Court Mess

“Everyone awoke the next morning alive, even Darien didn’t get attacked the night before. The Sun Court Knight, however, showed up early at his door demanding to know what the group had found out about Mack. Darien spills the beans about the Moon Court and she leaves in a huff, promising to tell her prince about what has happened. Not worried, Darien heads to the Cubs game to sit in the box seats. Molly worked on a new routine all day while Gabriel tracked another piece of the Tablet down only to find out it is in the water pipes with a swift current even he would have trouble dealing with. Defeated, Gabriel went to the Cubs game as well and notices the 10 year old boy who is rechalking the lines has magic abilities. After the game he approaches the father, the head groundskeeper, and asks if his son would be willing to do yardwork for him since he is so busy. The father agrees to his son mowing Gabriel’s yard once a week. The group meets at the club that night without Damon or Dashing Douglas, who are busy. Gabriel notices a man who has a magic aura and Darien sends him a bourbon. Gabriel grabs the glass from the waitress’ tray when the guy is done and tastes his saliva. The saliva tastes funny, like a man on the edge, and Gabriel realizes he is Red Court. At that point, the vampire rips off the head of the waitress next to him and begins killing people at random. Ariel and Darien start shooting him while Molly dives for cover and Gabriel casts a spell to make it easier for the panicked people to find exits. After being shot multiple times the vampire finally goes down but his body explodes and Gabriel is taken out of the fight. Two more Red Court come in through the open door and attack Darien, taking him out. One vampire tries to attack Ariel but is forced to run away in terror when she invokes her presence and intimidates him. Once done with Darien the other vampire attacks Ariel, who gets help from Molly. Molly uses water to create a whip out of water to grapple the vampire while Ariel just keeps shooting him in the face. The vampire dies but again his body explodes, sending blood and guts everywhere. 13 total people died in the club that night and the police arrived to find Ariel pretending to be hysterical about how these guys came in with dynamite and blew themselves up. Luckily the blood and tears help to make her story believable and the club is shut down for clean up and repairs. Gabriel, Darien, and Molly escaped before the police came and went home to try and get some rest, thinking about why the bodies exploded.”



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