Windy City Blues

15th Session

“The group was still tired from the fight with the sorcerer when they met at the club with the Moon and Sun court knights, a married couple. The knights reported that Mack the Knife had killed six full blooded fae members on each side and requested us to stop him. Daemon Chaosti Harper Blaine agreed to help while Gabriel told them he was planning on staying out of it. Daemon and Darian put out feelers that they are looking to talk to Mack the Knife. After the knights left a scroll popped up from thin air in front of Daemon, who opened it to find out that Warden Justin Demorne had decided to step down and take a rest from the hectic life. Daemon has his suspicions of who might be the new warden but keeps them to himself. Everyone goes home for some well earned rest and in the morning Darian Rockefeller Prentice extends an invitation to everyone to come to dinner at the Palmer House that evening. Since nobody can resist free food they all show up to find out that he had actually invited them to ask a favor. He mentions that Louisa, the Dow heiress, had asked him a couple of days ago to investigate the hangar next to hers because she had noticed something strange going on over there and she knew Darian and his friends were into strange stuff. The group reluctantly agreed to look into the matter and Darian called Louisa to meet the group at the hangar. She met them there in her men’s clothing and led them to her hangar, mentioning that the odd thing that caused her to ask the group to investigate was the smell of burning blood in the hangar next door. Gabriel looks at the hangar from the outside with the Sight and notices how clean it is, like it was scrubbed with magic. Dashing Douglas in his usual shadowy investigation smelled bleach around the building and noticed a circle of water. Molly determined that the water was lake water, odd since the lake was miles away. Daemon broke the circle with a shovel and the group proceeded into the spotless hangar. Gabriel again confirmed using the Sight that the hangar had been scrubbed clean on the inside as well with spirit and force magic with a little bleach for good measure. The group suspects that this may have been where the sorcerer had done his ritual but nobody was willing to say it out loud in front of someone who isn’t “in the know”. The group leaves, promising Louisa that they will continue the investigation and to let Darian know if anything else strange happens. The group then goes their separate ways for the evening.
When Darian gets back to the Palmer House he has a message from Mack saying that he’ll meet with the group at noon the next day at an address in the Meat Packing District. Darian calls the club and informs Daemon, who was busy putting out feelers to find Geraldine since he hadn’t seen her for a while. News gets back to him that she ill be out of touch for a while as she is recording an album. Gabriel decides he wants to try and find the six tablets and asks Daemon to let him use the one tablet the group has to track the rest down. Daemon declines, so Gabriel has to use his favor from the Windy City to find another tablet and spends the rest of the day studying it closely. Molly tries to contact her lady but finds the line is busy so she heads to the Fountain of the Great Lakes to try and speak with her. A new statue at the fountain speaks to her with a chilly air and Maab, who is speaking through the statue, tells her that her lady will be indisposed for a while because she was being naughty and that Molly needed to bugger off until she had done the favor that Mack was going to request of her.
The group met at noon at Harland Meat Packing plant with Mack, who was babysitting Lady Constance by allowing her to sharpen her sword skills on hanging hunks of cow in a large freezer. Daemon asks why he’s killing the Sun and Moon fae and, as always, Mack comes back with the reason that they were rude to him at one point or another. He then gets serious and says that the real reason is that the Moon court had claimed Lady Duff Gordon and Maab wanted her back and the Moon mark off of her. He said he would stop the killing if this was done so the group with the exception of Molly left. Mack then gave Molly the extra mission of getting a watch that belongs to Lady Duff Gordon back from the Moon Court and giving it back to her, citing the reason that the watch is apparently the way that Maab and Molly’s lady keep “score” and that without it the game could not continue and Molly wouldn’t be able to talk to her lady. As soon as she leaves she sends a message to the knight of the Moon Court to meet her at the neutral ground, a good idea since it was daytime. He does and she discusses with him the situation. He informs her that only the fae that made the deal can break it but he does know of only one fae in the Moon Court that takes a possession when they make a deal. Daemon also reaches out to the knight of the Moon Court and after dark meets everyone at the club to discuss the same situation him and Molly had met privately about earlier except the watch. The Moon Knight informs us that the fae Samuel, the Demon of the Crossroads, is probably the one who holds the deal with Lady Duff Gordon. The group decides that they need to meet with Samuel so Daemon sends a request and everyone anxiously waits to see if he’ll grant an audience…"



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