Windy City Blues

13th Session

“The sun is just rising in the city of Chicago as Molly makes her way to the Fountain of the Great Lakes with her glass of lake water. She pours the water in to communicate with her lady, who warns her that Excaliber is coming to town and to stay out of the dragon’s way. Meanwhile, Marek is still investigating the fire at the school that killed three nuns and 92 school boys. He learns that a Detective Casey in uptown has been assigned the case. He looks into the significance of the order of the bodies and even opens the Sight in the nun’s rooms but has very little luck. He decides to go to Kroch’s and Brentano’s to speak with the scary German Adolph Kroch, who agrees to look into the history of the church for him. Darian Rockefeller Prentice heads to the gun range and receives a phone call from Louisa. She has a sensitive matter that she wishes the group to investigate in the hangar next door at the airport and Darian agrees to meet her at the Blackstone Hotel the next evening. Gabriel Atticus Blackthorne and Daemon Chaosti Harper Blaine follow the trail of Matthew to the post office. Daemon blows through a ward but no one is home. Gabriel breaks into the back door and goes to the basement where Oliver Roosevelt said he was staying. Gabriel removed the veil over the door to find a nasty smelling room that had to be where Oliver was living. It was full of skins and unmentionable body fluids but Gabriel managed to snag a fox fur to take with him for later use. He found nothing on the second floor and left the building. Early in the evening Molly takes a dress and some glass beads to a costumer and then heads to the club. A handsome man by the name of Mack Messer, or Mack the knife, catches her eye and she sits at his table. The two talk for awhile then leave together, presumably to slate some feelings of lust. Ariel arrives at the club a little while later after attending a charity gala at the Field Museum and receiving a phone call from her boss. Eventually the rest of the group except for Dashing Douglas Dresden show up at the club and after learning who Molly left the club with assume she might be dead by morning. Gabriel Atticus Blackthorne does a spell using the fox fur and determines that at least Oliver Roosevelt is in the Masonic Temple building, the neutral ground. The group heads over and confirms with Johnny that both Matthew and Oliver are there, but at the highest point. The elevator takes the group as high as it can go and they take the stairs the rest of the way to the roof where a strong veil is hiding what is truly going on. Eventually, after some very hard effort, Marek manages to break through the veil and it is revealed that Matthew is in a hot air balloon over the street. He is surrounded by wind spirits and his only tie to the ground is Oliver, who is standing on the roof holding the guide rope in his hands. The battle to save the city from being enslaved is about to begin.”



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